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Published February 1, 2022


A boy. A wish. A secret desire gone horribly wrong.


Timothy Sperling misses his mom and dad terribly. Left behind with his morose uncle while they’re off on an expedition to avert an environmental crisis, the bird-boned boy would give anything to see them again. But when he spies a shooting star, he fears wishing to be reunited with his parents to be too selfish and instead asks for snow… only to conjure up a blizzard that won't quit!


As a town that never sees winter is buried in mountains of white, Timothy teams up with a wise explorer to figure out how to stop the relentless frozen flakes. And with all the blame being shoveled on his family, the clever kid’s connection to sparrows may be his one chance to pull the city out of its deep freeze.


Can Timothy undo his fateful wish and bring back the sunshine?


Sparrow is a high-flying middle-grade novel. If you or your child like relatable characters, timeless settings, and high-stakes adventure, then you’ll love Brian Kindall’s feathered flurries.


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Middle-grade fiction

Winner of the Global Book Award Gold Medal for Children's Literature! 

Winner of the Moonbeam
Children's Book Awards Gold Medal for Pre-teen Ficton!


"Sparrow is a beautifully written, wise, and gentle book—one that middle-grade readers will savor." - BlueInk Reviews, starred review.

"Sparrow is a dreamy fairy tale riff on the adage to be careful what you ask for, in which a boy who is attended to by a flock of birds makes a big wish—with enchanting results." - Foreword Clarion Reviews, Clarion rating 5 stars.


"It would not be an exaggeration to say that Brian Kindall is a genius of sorts."- M of OhJustBooks

"Author Kindall has a magical way with words. His prose has a visionary quality; he truly shows while he tells this story."- Bookish Jen, TheBookSelfBlog

Adult Fiction


"Recommended to adults who like their fiction weird and wonderful."- Ashley @ Bookish Creature

"The American Short Story Is Back!!!"- Annie T, Amazon customer


"A remarkable and sui generis historical novel." - Editor's Choice at Historical Novel Society

"I don't think I've ever read a book quite like this... It's well-written, surreal, evocative, whimsical, and lovely."- M of Oh Just Books

"Brian Kindall has the ability to both amuse and appall in this hilarious, heartbreaking and irreverent novel – a rare talent..." - Kat Kennedy, Amazon customer review


"...captivating, darkly comic..." - Blue Ink Review, Starred Review

"...Kindall has delivered another spectacular examination of the American psyche, a mindscape pullulating with religious fervor and sinful desire, but one at its very core is absurdly comic. Great stuff."- Michael Hartnett, author of The Blue Rat

"The writing is exceptional..."- The Historical Novel Society


A postmodernist homage to the men's adventure fiction of the 1950s.

"...Kindall does something wholly unexpected, and does so in a way that makes the book fall into sharp focus and allows Kindall to deliver a moral without ever moralizing..." - Josh Mauthe, Umney's Alley

Middle-Grade Fiction

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"...a fantastical journey of self-discovery..." - Blue Ink Review

" enchanting, literary dive into the lightness and darkness of the world..." - Foreword Reviews

"...a magical world that takes readers on a journey of the heart."- L. Paul, author of My Life With An Enigma

BLUESKY_Hi_Res copy.jpg

"...a lyrical dream-like coming-of-age tale and powerful allegory of what it means to be human."- Blue Ink Review

"...readers will be enchanted."- Kirkus Reviews


BOOK REVIEWS by Brian Kindall

The Blue Rat by Michael Hartnett

Michael Hartnett has many talents as a writer, but the one most on display in The Blue Rat is his ability to relentlessly stick to the driving metaphor structuring his novel.

My Life With an Enigma by Linda Paul

Some lives are too complex to be completely done in by Death. Yes, the deceased may have moved on to another plane, but the questions they leave behind...

To Squeeze a Prairie Dog by Scott Semegran

Toward the end of Scott Semegran’s humorous and highly enjoyable novel, To Squeeze a Prairie Dog, the character J.D. is walking through a cemetery reading the epitaphs on every headstone he sees. “All of these people must have lived fascinating lives,” he decides.



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Brian Kindall is an author living in the mountains of Central Idaho, a world with long winters perfectly designed for holing up and writing novels. His books range in diversity from classically evergreen middle-grade novels - Blue Sky, Pearl, and Sparrow - to the ongoing adult fiction series, The Epic of Didier Rain novels, Delivering Virtue and Fortuna and the Scapegrace, to his most recent publication, Escape from Oblivia – One man’s midlife crisis gone primal. His accolades include starred reviews at BlueInk and Foreword Reviews, finalist for ForeWord Reviews literary novel of the year award (Delivering Virtue), A Seal of Excellence awarded by Awesome Indies (Delivering Virtue), and Editor’s Choice at the Historical Novel Society (Delivering Virtue). Twisted humor is a given in Brian’s work, as those long winters mentioned earlier tend to drive a writer slightly mad.

Meet Didier Rain, the main player in The Epic of Didier Rain novels, a sublimely twisted historical fiction series. Get this free novelette e-book (adult fiction) and sign up for news about Brian Kindall's latest content today. Prepare yourself to be amused!