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My Life With an Enigma by Linda Paul

Some lives are too complex to be completely done in by Death. Yes, the deceased may have moved on to another plane, but the questions they leave behind...

Spaceman of Bohemia2.jpeg

Spaceman of Bohemia by Jaroslav Kalfar

Reading the first pages of Jaroslav Kalfar’s Spaceman of Bohemia, I found myself thinking of that old David Bowie song – Space Oddity. It seemed to be following the same recipe – take a man, put him in a spaceship, and then send him alone into the unknown reaches of outer space...

Spaceman of Bohemia2.jpeg

The Benevolent Lords of Sometimes Island by Scott Semegran

Humans are sentimental creatures. So it makes sense that nostalgia would be a great tool in a novelist’s toolbox. What a handy device for leading readers down a path of emotional twists and turns!

Spaceman of Bohemia2.jpeg

The Blue Rat by Michael Hartnett

Michael Hartnett has many talents as a writer, but the one most on display in The Blue Rat is his ability to relentlessly stick to the driving metaphor structuring his novel.

Spaceman of Bohemia2.jpeg

To Squeeze a Prairie Dog by Scott Semegran

Toward the end of Scott Semegran’s humorous and highly enjoyable novel, To Squeeze a Prairie Dog, the character J.D. is walking through a cemetery reading the epitaphs on every headstone he sees. “All of these people must have lived fascinating lives,” he decides.

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