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Blue Sky can climb like an ibex. She was raised in the highest peaks of the Alps by the herd and named for the color of her eyes. They say her father was a fallen alpinist and her mother his beautiful dying dream… and so, as you may guess, she’s somewhat magical – strong and sure-footed on the peaks, and natural as an ibex in this harsh environment of wind, rock, and ice. Until the day she rescues a young alpinist from a stormy peak. The boy looks like her, and he tells her of the mysterious world beyond the crags. Sky longs to follow him. Can a girl raised by ibex in the mountains ever join the world of humans? Blue Sky must first fulfill her destiny with the ibex and find the courage to leave everything she’s ever known.


A tale of self-reliance about a girl who finds strength in being who she really is and the courage to follow her dreams.


Middle-grade fiction

"This was a magical tale, well crafted and paced. Unpredictable and thrilling, an emotional story of love, of loss, and facing the uncertainties of an unusual life. What is life but a dream? Great job, Mr. Kindall; this has been one of my best reads in a long time."- Randmaster, Amazon 5 stars

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