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Book One of The Epic of Didier Rain

Adult Fiction

Didier Rain is broke, lovesick, and just off a three-day whiskey binge. And yet, The Church of the Restructured Truth has been told in a vision that he's the man to fulfill their Holy Prophecy. He must deliver Virtue – a blue-eyed infant – 1,000 miles along the western pioneer trail to their prophet's stronghold as his child bride-to-be. Savages, zealots, and wildfire all stand in Rain's way, not to mention a list of Thou-shalt-not's designed to thwart any man's most basic comforts. But, there's something holy about the job – something, Rain suspects, that might just turn his sorry life toward a better path.


In DELIVERING VIRTUE – Book One of THE EPIC OF DIDIER RAIN – Brian Kindall takes the classic novel of the West and turns it on its head. Grandiloquent humor, pathos, and a cast of absurd and depraved characters all come together in an American Frontier world inspired by myth and legend, creating a surreal and disarmingly poignant adventure reviewers are calling a triumph of American Magical Realism.

"It skillfully blends historical insights, moments of fantastical humor, stories of travel through exotic climes, and references to European poetry, Homeric mythology, and even Oedipal psychology." - Blue Ink Reviews, starred reveiw.

"Threads of satire are skillfully woven into a tapestry of humor and pathos, magical realism, and historical fact, along with swashbuckling adventure, depraved violence, and moments of heartrending tenderness." - Finalist in Literary Fiction, 2015 Foreword Indies.

Meet Didier Rain, the main player in The Epic of Didier Rain novels, a sublimely twisted historical fiction series. Get this free novelette e-book (adult fiction) and sign up for news about Brian Kindall's latest content today. Prepare yourself to be amused! 

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